Create a planet by keeping elements together with the power of gravity/anti-gravity of the sun and the moon! This is a 2 player game.

Keep all elements within the center of the screen to create the planet. You start with one element, but you get more as you keep them in the center. When you get all 4 elements, you will finally create the planet.

Sun: Use arrow keys to rotate the sun around. Z to attract, X to repel.

Moon: Use E, S, D, F to rotate the moon around. TAB to attract, Q to repel.

You can also use two game controllers to play.


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Install instructions

This game can also be downloaded and played in your computer (Windows, Linux, Mac and Raspberry Pi)


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Es un desayuno galáctico, está chevere

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Cool concept, but my game froze when I was just about to get my 5th element.

Edit: Ah, "In development". Cool.


Yeah, at that time I just shut down the cart, great way of winning :D

The current version has a winning screen now :) Thanks for trying it out!